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Small “Original” Paintings Are Fun and Economical

For those people that live in an apartment, condo, dorm, or have an office space that they want to decorate, why not have an original piece of art? Just because the space you are decorating is small, does not mean that you don’t deserve to own an original piece of art. There is a misconception that is preventing many people from even considering an original painting, sculpture, or wall installation of art. They think in terms of giclee’s, prints, or modified prints to collect, rather then the real thing.

Many artist, myself included, have realized that we must think way outside of the box in this era of art marketing and global internet sales. We must be able to create original art in all sizes, for all markets. This includes the small collector with 100.00 budget, all they way to the high end collector that has a budget of 10,000 and even higher to hundreds of thousands.

As artist we want to promote “original” because that implies that you own a one of a kind original piece of art, that no one else owns. It also is an investment, because original art continues to increase in value…

Think about it the next time you need to decorate a wall, give a gift or want a conversation piece for your office.

PamFour Babies

Little Hummer 12″ x 16″ Original Oil

Brandi's Hummerjpg

Every morning these little Ruby Red Throat  Hummingbirds feed on my patio. It is just amazing the aerial dynamics they are capable of. They are gracious, peaceful, and full of joy. 12″ x 16″ Original Oil On Wrapped Canvas.


Florida Reeds I

Florida Reeds I

This was a really fun commission to Florida. Thank you to my collectors in Florida. 24″ x 30″ Oil On Canvas

Marketing Your Art

The Art World is a funny thing.  Just as soon as you think you have it figured out, it changes.  I think I have written about this before, but it never ceases to amaze me how fickle it can be.  One thing an artist should never do is paint what he or she “thinks” is going to sell.  To a professional art consultant, this is very apparent in ones work.  The reason is, an artist has to paint from a place of passion.  If not, it will show in the work.  As I have said before, it’s much like an actress or actor, not putting their whole being into their part.  You cannot fake it in the art world.  And the most interesting thing is about selling art, is that the art community is changing it’s mind all of the time about what they want.

There is no one fad or technique that is more popular then the other.  It all depends on your region, industry and location.  Art that sells in mountain communities is different then art that sells at the beach.  My suggestion is to paint what you love, and forget about what is going to sell.  Create it first!  Worry about how to market it later.

Trends do come and go, and at the very top of the art world, that is probably more apparent then at the middle or low end of selling.

I like to keep it simple and work with the auction selling markets.  It’s fun, easy and I get to paint what I want.




SOLD!! I Love Texas!

SOLD!!  I Love Texas!

A huge Thank YOU to James from Houston. I love Texans!! I’ve sold about 12 paintings to Texas over the years. The collectors are always wonderful to work with, and they buy subjects you wouldn’t think Texan’s would buy, like sea life, seascapes and abstracts!


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