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Little Hummer 12″ x 16″ Original Oil

Brandi's Hummerjpg

Every morning these little Ruby Red Throat  Hummingbirds feed on my patio. It is just amazing the aerial dynamics they are capable of. They are gracious, peaceful, and full of joy. 12″ x 16″ Original Oil On Wrapped Canvas.


Florida Reeds I

Florida Reeds I

This was a really fun commission to Florida. Thank you to my collectors in Florida. 24″ x 30″ Oil On Canvas

Marketing Your Art

The Art World is a funny thing.  Just as soon as you think you have it figured out, it changes.  I think I have written about this before, but it never ceases to amaze me how fickle it can be.  One thing an artist should never do is paint what he or she “thinks” is going to sell.  To a professional art consultant, this is very apparent in ones work.  The reason is, an artist has to paint from a place of passion.  If not, it will show in the work.  As I have said before, it’s much like an actress or actor, not putting their whole being into their part.  You cannot fake it in the art world.  And the most interesting thing is about selling art, is that the art community is changing it’s mind all of the time about what they want.

There is no one fad or technique that is more popular then the other.  It all depends on your region, industry and location.  Art that sells in mountain communities is different then art that sells at the beach.  My suggestion is to paint what you love, and forget about what is going to sell.  Create it first!  Worry about how to market it later.

Trends do come and go, and at the very top of the art world, that is probably more apparent then at the middle or low end of selling.

I like to keep it simple and work with the auction selling markets.  It’s fun, easy and I get to paint what I want.




SOLD!! I Love Texas!

SOLD!!  I Love Texas!

A huge Thank YOU to James from Houston. I love Texans!! I’ve sold about 12 paintings to Texas over the years. The collectors are always wonderful to work with, and they buy subjects you wouldn’t think Texan’s would buy, like sea life, seascapes and abstracts!


Sold!!! “Sunflowers”

flowers, garden, color, wildflowers, nature

A big shout out to Cynthia in Kentucky for her recent purchase of my Original Oil called “Sunflowers”. I’ve never sold to Kentucky for me, so this is a first. Thanks Cynthia!


Pamela Squires Original Oil Painting “Before The Storm” 24″ x 24″

Before The Storm


Pamela Squires Original Oil Painting – 16 x 20 Ocean Series “Dive Under”

Dive Under FinalYou know when your swimming in the ocean and you see a wave coming at you, but your too far out to run back to shore…..All you can do is “Dive Under”!!!


The Gathering

The Gathering

The Gathering”
by Pamela Squires
Oil On Pine Panel

It’s funny. I have walked by this Pampas Grass at hundreds of times, but this one day I had a feeling to photograph the little sparrows picking the seeds. Good thing I did, because the next day it was completely demolished along with about an acre of old growth trees, bushes and flowers, for a new housing development. You never know where inspiration is going to come from.
The Gathering by Pamela Squires Oil On Pine Wood Panel 24 x 24
$250.00 USD
Only 1 available


Etsy Store back up and running with Original Oil Paintings

Etsy Store back up and running with Original Oil Paintings

I can never find the balance between work, creating original oil paintings, and marketing my own art.  My professional  job I do is marketing art, so you would think that it would be easy for me to approach selling my own art.  The truth is, I have the same blocks as any other artist.  My challenge is no different then anyone’s creative challenge.  Once you get started however, and that is always a big step for me, but once you begin the creative process…it starts to flow from there.   Onward creative soldiers!!!


“ROUGH WATERS” 24″ x 36″ Original Oil On Canvas

The ocean inspires me everyday. It is where I grew up and still feel such a sense of peace when walking along the beach. It never ceases to amaze me, all of the different colors of the ocean on any given day. Oil On Canvas

Rough Waters

Rough Waters



Thank you to my art Collector Allison. This is her third purchase from me, and she now has three of my wildlife paintings. It makes me motivated to start a new series of wildlife paintings. It’s wonderful to know my paintings are hanging together! This painting been in my personal collection for years. It’s one of my favorites…..for sure.


Pamela Squires Fine Art Store

Pamela Squires Fine Art Store

Now you can purchase my designs on all kinds of products…

Special SHOUT OUT TO>>>>

Janis from Santa Cruz, CA for her purchase of my dolphin painting titled “IN LOVE” and to David from Albuquerque, NM for his purchase of my painting titled “Palm Springs Palm Tree”….again very appropriate!  You guys rock, and I feel honored to be able to say one of my paintings, is now if your private collection.  Thank you again….



My Lemon Tree #2

Lemons, Lemons everywhere….


Baby Scarlets

Available now at dolphin921@aol.com

Getting Art Back In The School System!!

Special Thanks to Tracie Cambell, art teacher at Bolton High School in Alexandria, Louisiana.  She had her students pick a painting and recreate it in pastel….not easy to do.  They chose my Scarlet McCaw to recreate, and did a great job!!!


Hot Off The Easel – “Spring Dolphin”

12″ 16″ – Oil On Canvas

I hope you are enjoying your Spring season!!  Let’s keep our ocean’s healthy together.  One way you can help is to pick up trash when walking along the beach.



I wanted to mention I had a terrific time at the Dana Wharf Sportfishing and  Whale Watching event hosted by the Wyland Foundation.  This was a newer Catamaran event with limited guest, so it was like having a private charter.  Very reasonable in price, and part of the proceeds go back into the Wyland Foundation for environmental causes. The experience was marvelous in that you could stand on the bow of the Catamaran while watching the dolphins under the vessel.  It gives you the feeling of flying across the ocean.  The staff was friendly and very accommodating.  You could tell everyone loves his or her job.  The event starts with children drawing dolphins and whales in a private video created by Wyland.  I highly recommend this event for children and adults..it is wonderful to see children’s eyes light up when they see the animals of the sea.

Getting Caught Up!!

It’s been an incredibly busy two weeks.  First of all I cannot say enough about the Wyland team at the Headquarters in Aliso Viejo.   Thank you again for my spectacular Wyland Original Water Color.  I won this near my birthday from their “Currents Newsletter” subscription…and it was a terrific surprise, since I have never won anything!  It is beautiful and I love it!!  Again, special thanks to Jennifer Small and Karla Kipp. Please see my Facebook blogs for more information and all the people I met, and you can always visit the wyland.com website to see more about the terrific things Wyland and his team are doing to help children, art and the environment.

Special Thanks To Karen and Mathew

Thank you to Karen in Florida, for her second purchase of  an original oil painting , most recently my Sandpiper Painting.  Thank you to  Mathew from Ohio, for his first  purchase of my Little Hummer painting.  Thank you for collecting your second painting Karen, and welcome Mathew for your first purchase of one of my originals.  If anyone is interested in receiving information, please sign up for the newsletter or join me on Twitter.


New Dolphin Oil Painting – 24″ x 36″

True Love

On many days that I go to the beach, I see dolphins.  They are not jumping out of the water like this, but I have seen them jumping like these two, on the ocean.  They are so effortless in their grace and beauty.  Something about the dolphin has inspired me as an artist for years.  I remember the first time I saw dolphins in the wild, with my  youngest daughter, and son.  We were all snuba diving  in Hawaii pretty far off shore, when a school of dolphins swam under us.  They swam real close and were looking up at us.  They were as curious as we were about them.   There were  mom’s with babies…and the sounds under the water were so ear piercing you could hardly think.  It is a sound that when you hear it, you also feel the sonar vibrations in your whole body.  I had so much fun painting this from my own memories, from photos and from my experiences.  This painting is a combination of realism and abstract and is currently available.. ….I hope you enjoy.  Pamela

True Love

If you don’t paint it….who will?

That’s right….all of my artist friends out there.  If you hesitate to create something because you think it has already been done, or your not good enough, or you can’t do it….then who will?  And…if we all thought like that, no one would ever create a painting, a song, a ballad….a piece of blown glass… My feeling is, even if it has been done before, it won’t look like yours anyway.  Some people think, it has all been done before.  By the time you get the idea,  it has been created by someone else first.  Using ideas from other artist, is a form of compliment to that artist, providing your not copying their work.   In any event, I have wanted to paint jumping dolphins for years now.  It has been done over and over by many artist in all mediums.  Some great work, others, not so good.  I made sure it was my creation by drawing the dolphins from my memory, my own photos and my life experiences of being on and in the ocean seeing dolphins.   So, stay tuned.  I will hopefully have this painting completed in the next few weeks.   Stay Inspired and Thanks for tuning in !!!

Little Hummingbird

Hi Everyone, 

I know it has been a long time since I have posted any art, and I apologize for that.  I have been very busy moving, and making major life changes.  I am happy to say I am going to work part time, for a very nice gallery, full of spectacular fine art.  This makes me very happy to be surrounded by art that I admire, and it’s great to be meeting new friends.  In addition, I have moved back to the ocean, which I have longed to do for many years.  Every since I left!!  Life has a funny way of bringing us our desires…it just may not be when we want them, but eventually they will come.  I just finished upacking my studio this week.  I am pleased to say I have plenty of natural light, good sun exposure, and many options to paint indoors, outdoors, and even on the beach!!  I will be painting full time again, in the next few months.  It’s thrilling to be back at the ocean…  I am surrounded by flowers and fawna I have not seen in years.  The amount of paintings I am thinking of is making my head explode.  The beach is so much different then the desert. 

Thank you for your patience and wonderful emails while waiting for new artwork from me….  I hope you are having a  peaceful and healthy holiday season.  We all have so much to be thankful for. 

I love the new “Made In America” campaign for the holidays, and feel we should  carry the theme on for the entire next year, and eventually keep it for good!  It’s amazing how buying just one present this holiday from America will put thousands of people back to work.   This little painting is currently available and is “made in America”!! Please contact me if you are intersted.

Peace and Light to you and your families.


The Colors Of Fall

Hi Everyone, 

I chose this painting to start this blog, because it is colorful, bright and very cheery.  It reminds me of fall with the brilliant oranges and reds.  It was a whole lot of fun to paint, and was one of those paintings, I painted from my memory bank of different flowers I have sketched and studied throughout the years.  It sold the first week it was listed. 

Sorry it has taken me so long to post.  I took two months off from painting, to regroup and center my creative forces.  I figured out, a creative person like myself, must have many outlets of creative expression…  just one focus, will drive a person like me crazy.  I am going to start blogging more about different things that are going on in the world and how they relate to art.


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