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Sold!!! “Sunflowers”

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A big shout out to Cynthia in Kentucky for her recent purchase of my Original Oil called “Sunflowers”. I’ve never sold to Kentucky for me, so this is a first. Thanks Cynthia!


Pamela Squires Original Oil Painting – 16 x 20 Ocean Series “Dive Under”

Dive Under FinalYou know when your swimming in the ocean and you see a wave coming at you, but your too far out to run back to shore…..All you can do is “Dive Under”!!!


The Gathering

The Gathering

The Gathering”
by Pamela Squires
Oil On Pine Panel

It’s funny. I have walked by this Pampas Grass at hundreds of times, but this one day I had a feeling to photograph the little sparrows picking the seeds. Good thing I did, because the next day it was completely demolished along with about an acre of old growth trees, bushes and flowers, for a new housing development. You never know where inspiration is going to come from.
The Gathering by Pamela Squires Oil On Pine Wood Panel 24 x 24
$250.00 USD
Only 1 available


Etsy Store back up and running with Original Oil Paintings

Etsy Store back up and running with Original Oil Paintings

I can never find the balance between work, creating original oil paintings, and marketing my own art.  My professional  job I do is marketing art, so you would think that it would be easy for me to approach selling my own art.  The truth is, I have the same blocks as any other artist.  My challenge is no different then anyone’s creative challenge.  Once you get started however, and that is always a big step for me, but once you begin the creative process…it starts to flow from there.   Onward creative soldiers!!!


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