Original Oil Paintings, Wildlife and Nature

If you don’t paint it….who will?

That’s right….all of my artist friends out there.  If you hesitate to create something because you think it has already been done, or your not good enough, or you can’t do it….then who will?  And…if we all thought like that, no one would ever create a painting, a song, a ballad….a piece of blown glass… My feeling is, even if it has been done before, it won’t look like yours anyway.  Some people think, it has all been done before.  By the time you get the idea,  it has been created by someone else first.  Using ideas from other artist, is a form of compliment to that artist, providing your not copying their work.   In any event, I have wanted to paint jumping dolphins for years now.  It has been done over and over by many artist in all mediums.  Some great work, others, not so good.  I made sure it was my creation by drawing the dolphins from my memory, my own photos and my life experiences of being on and in the ocean seeing dolphins.   So, stay tuned.  I will hopefully have this painting completed in the next few weeks.   Stay Inspired and Thanks for tuning in !!!

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