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Coming Back From The Creative Dead Zone

Ok….that may be a little exaggerated !  I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again… The thing about being a creative person of any kind, writer, painter, sculpture, cook, gardener, musician, etc…is that we all have this period of time that creeps up and grabs our creativity.  We are never able to create 100 % of the time all of the time.  When I go through these times, it may last one hour, one day or one month.  I’ve even had a time when it lasted for two years!  There is nothing I can do to get through it, but wait, and be patient with myself.  Believe me, I have tried everything.   When you’re in the flow of your creativity, it seems like it will never end.  You have boundless energy and  ideas of starting new things, new paintings, new colors, new textures.  When you’re in “the moment”, it feels like there is an abundance of energy coming from some unknown source.  So, where in the heck does it go?  If I knew that, I would sell it on Ebay!!  When it is not there….it really is not there.  This creative block can occur through low energy, life changes, relationship difficulties, financial concerns, or many other reasons from to nutrition to environmental pollutants.  Everything from cosmic changes, to physical changes can accelerate a creative block.

I have been a painter for {bleep}  amount of  years now, and I have come to realize that when this occurs…you just have to flow with it.  If you try to create during a creative block….you probably won’t like what you created.  So, for me,  I don’t try to force it, because everything I paint, ends up in the trash!!  It’s like cooking your favorite recipe that you have made a hundred times, and for some unknown reason,  it ends up tasting terrible, even though you made it exactly the way you always do!

The other point is, you don’t know when a creative block  is going to end.  I started out feeling very uncreative when I was studying to renew my real estate license, and just figured it was because I was trying to combine the right and left brain functions together, which I have learned I cannot do.  I’m either in a right brain creative mode, or a left brain studying mode.  But now that I have passed all of my requirements and fulfilled my education to reinstate my real estate license …now what is my problem??  I don’t know for sure, but I am slowly getting bits and pieces of some new ideas I hope to have started by next week.

So my dear readers and collectors…I apologize for the creative delay.  You can trust that I am working diligently to move past this creative funk – and I will hopefully be posting something new very soon.

“The Hunt”

“The Hunt” is a painting I am currently in the process of completing in the next day or so.  It is of a Leopard coming from behind the bushes, and getting ready to pounce on his prey.  I will admit, the spots, the position of this animal, and the leering look on his face have all been a very big challenge.   Stay tuned, this painting should be completed by Friday.


My Lemon Tree



You know, when you get an idea for a painting, it is very hard to sit still, concentrate or do anything else but think about that painting.  In this case, I’ve been thinking about painting my lemon tree for about two years.  It’s good to know, what I saw then, turned out the way I wanted, even after all of this time.   I hope you enjoy this, it was a pleasure and loads of fun to paint.  Especially because I could use my photos, and go out to my yard and see the real thing.

This painting is available on Ebay, and you may enter the auction site by clicking on the image.  Peace and prayers…

Just Keep Going!

When you hit a creative block…Just keep going.  Eventually you will rise above it, get out of it, break your creative ceiling!!  In theory it’s supposed to work anyway!  In this case I’m not exactly thrilled with this piece, but it has served a purpose in helping me break through and keep going in the creative process….Like Nike says “Just Do It”!!



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