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Baby Koala and Mom

My little baby Koala and his Mom are completed, and will be glazed Wednesday.  Ready to ship by next Tuesday.  This painting is very colorful and brilliant.  I wanted to convey the colors of the Eucalyptus tree.  In Southern California there are thousands of Eucalyptus trees, and if you have ever stood under one, you might have seen purple, green and violet colors in the leaves.  The bark is facinating the way it swirls and sheds in the summer.

The baby Koala lives in it’s mother’s pouch for five months and is blind when it is born.  Koalas live to be around 20 years old, and primarily live on the East  Coast of Australia.   I hope you enjoy…This painting is currently available for bid on Ebay.  Click on the photo to link to the auction.

Grrrrroooooowwwl! “The Hunt”

I am very happy to be finished with this painting.  I mentioned below in my previous post that this was a definite challenge.  I kept the fur a little abstract, because I wanted to capture the feeling of boldness, courage, fear and action in this painting.  If I had detailed the fine hair like I have done in the past with a bunny or squirrel, the message would have been lost.  This painting is 16″ x 20″ and available.

“The Hunt”

“The Hunt” is a painting I am currently in the process of completing in the next day or so.  It is of a Leopard coming from behind the bushes, and getting ready to pounce on his prey.  I will admit, the spots, the position of this animal, and the leering look on his face have all been a very big challenge.   Stay tuned, this painting should be completed by Friday.


Young Panda

This was a fun painting for me to do, because I knew exactly how I was going to approach it from the beginning.   The other challenge I usually have,  is to photograph the painting in the right light,  and get it the exact colors as in the original painting.  This time, I was able to get the first shot  and the job is done!   It is so nice when everything goes right the first time.  Unfortunately there are less then 16,000 Pandas left in the world today.  We must help protect our endangered species.  Thank you for all of your support…  Onward….to the next painting.!!

My Lemon Tree



You know, when you get an idea for a painting, it is very hard to sit still, concentrate or do anything else but think about that painting.  In this case, I’ve been thinking about painting my lemon tree for about two years.  It’s good to know, what I saw then, turned out the way I wanted, even after all of this time.   I hope you enjoy this, it was a pleasure and loads of fun to paint.  Especially because I could use my photos, and go out to my yard and see the real thing.

This painting is available on Ebay, and you may enter the auction site by clicking on the image.  Peace and prayers…


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