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Young Panda

This was a fun painting for me to do, because I knew exactly how I was going to approach it from the beginning.   The other challenge I usually have,  is to photograph the painting in the right light,  and get it the exact colors as in the original painting.  This time, I was able to get the first shot  and the job is done!   It is so nice when everything goes right the first time.  Unfortunately there are less then 16,000 Pandas left in the world today.  We must help protect our endangered species.  Thank you for all of your support…  Onward….to the next painting.!!

Palm Tree

I’m a day late at this post, but nevertheless, it was a difficult decision yesterday on which painting to do.  It was a toss up between my lemon tree and my palm tree.  As you can see the palm tree won.  I’ve been wanting to paint this tree for a long time.  It started out as a tiny little tree and has grown very quickly over the years.  I plan on doing a video of this painting.  It is fun and fearless to approach.  You don’t have to use your left brain at all, and frankly, with all that is going on in the world, we need a break from our left lobes!  Thinking and creating  from the right side of your brain, is like a mental mediation, and good for the soul.

I am also very inpsired today, because I see my colorful sunflower painting is currently being bid on Ebay.  If you are interested, there are two days left.  One thing for sure, selling a painting for an artist is the greatest motivator to paint.  So tomorrow, watch out lemon tree! In the meantime, if you are interested in this painting, you can click on it and it will take you to the Ebay auction..  Peace and Prayers…

Just Keep Going!

When you hit a creative block…Just keep going.  Eventually you will rise above it, get out of it, break your creative ceiling!!  In theory it’s supposed to work anyway!  In this case I’m not exactly thrilled with this piece, but it has served a purpose in helping me break through and keep going in the creative process….Like Nike says “Just Do It”!!



New painting completed today..16″ x 20″..called “Daydreaming”  I wondered when I was painting this pelican, if he ever had daydreams about being an Eagle!  This painting is painted my new pallette of colors, more vivid, and much more risky!    Enjoy!


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